Magic Caster Wand serial number

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Here's where to find your Harry Potter: Magic Caster Wand serial number:

  • On the cardboard wand box sleeve
  • In the Magic Caster Wand mobile app (if you connected your wand)

To find your serial number in the app

If you've set up your wand and connected your wand to the mobile app, here's how to find the wand serial number:

  1. In the Magic Caster Wand mobile app, choose the Profile icon (house crest, lower right).
  2. If you're not logged in, choose Log In.
    Don't have an account? Choose Register.
  3. Choose the Settings icon (cog, upper right).
  4. Choose About and then scroll down to view the product serial number.

Note Your serial number begins with a letter followed by a series of numbers.

You can also find your serial number on the cardboard wand box sleeve.