Cast smart light spells

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The Harry Potter: Magic Caster Wand can interact with Philips Hue and LIFX smart lights. You'll see a magical light effect whenever you cast a spell.

Note  Connecting to smart devices (e.g. smart lights) isn't available with child accounts.

Before you begin

Make sure you've connected your smart lights. If you need help, see our step-by-step instructions on How to connect Muggle devices. Once connected, you're ready to cast spells.

Cast a smart light spell

You can cast a spell to turn your smart lights on or off:

  • Lumos or Lumos Maxima: Turns on a smart light.
  • Nox: Turns off a smart light or the tip of the Magic Caster Wand.

Here's how to cast the Lumos Maxima spell:

  1. Connect your smart lights to the Magic Caster Wand mobile app.
  2. In the Magic Caster Wand mobile app, choose the Spellbook icon (spellbook with wand).
  3. Choose Lumos Maxima. The animation shows the motion you need to make with your wand.
  4. Make the motion with your wand (hold your wand at the ready, make the motion, and then lift your thumb). If you need help, see the Troubleshooting section in Cast spells.
  5. If your spell is successful, your connected smart light should turn on.

🔮 Lumos vs Lumos Maxima
The Lumos spell lights up the tip of your wand and Lumos Maxima lights up the wand. Both spells turn on smart lights.

Discover magical light effects

Every spell in the Spellbook has a magical light effect. For example:

  • Colovaria: Changes your smart light to another colour.
  • Orchideous: Makes your smart light pulse different colours.
  • Scourgify: Changes your smart light to a white light (if the light were another colour).
  • Ventus: Changes your smart light to red.

✨Wizard tip!

Philips Hue smart plugs have some secret spells!

  • Locomotor: turns on the Hue smart plug
  • Finite: turns off Hue smart plug